Thursday, May 19, 2011


18 doctors in 6 months. No, seriously. Mom and I just counted them out on our fingers. 18 doctors in 6 months. Sounds like the title to a terrible book I would wouldn't want to read.. Chapter 1: Life as an insane Hypochondriac. Okay, I'm not a hypochondriac, and I'm working on the insanity thing... but I am conscientious about my health. Wouldn't you be in my position? I'm going to use all the gluten-free hand sanitizer I want! Yes, some hand sanitizers have gluten in them.. I just know that every germ has the potential to break me down. Let me know if you find a bubble I can borrow!
Being in the hospital, I was surrounded by some of the most careless and ignorant doctors I've encountered. I was put on display like some freak-show, and they all had turns sticking their fingers in the cage. It was honestly very rough. It's very scary to not know what's wrong. When we feel insecure, it's easy to become upset. But this disease's mysterious and un-familiar ways pushed us to find some relief. Every let-down discouraged me, but my parents never stopped searching. They never gave up hope.
Today, I met a new doctor out in the-middle-of-no-where Ohio.. At first, I was skeptical. "Quaint" and "homey" could be used to describe this setting. The nurses were friendly, but they were also active listeners. Most of the workers I meet in health care want to squeeze my cheeks when I start explaining to them my medical journey accurately... "Can't believe such a pretty young thing would know such big words!" ugh. Seriously, I'm going to educate myself. Of course I know the names of all the drugs I'm putting into me. And I've HAD a non-invasive, laproscopic partial splenectomy and removal of a non-malignant, benign splenic cyst. I should know what that medical "jargon" means. But today, I wasn't talked down to. This doctor was not only personable, but educated! I'm very optimistic for his new methods of treating me! While they're using supplements like Cleveland, he can do more than just defense and maintenance. I know that I'll get worse before I get better, but I am hopeful I can eventually get better!
I feel like I mostly write when something is nagging at me or upsets me, but I am extremely pleased with today! It was tough to wake up, but I managed to get in the car. And the car ride was almost 3 hours shorter than the one to Cleveland yesterday. And we found a health food store so I could get something to eat (this pomegranate/blueberry juice is fantastic). And it's not even that bright out with the rain! 
18 doctors in 6 months. Phew. Ohio's doctors, meet Ohio's weather. You two will get along nicely. 


  1. So, this is my first time commenting. Honestly, it's because it's the first time I've felt comfortable about it. I am so grateful for this new doctor and how he's made you feel. I'm not fully capable, but I'd like to think I can somewhat understand how you must feel at times with idiot doctors who think your pretty smart "for a _", and also to struggle with something so ominous. I'm glad you started this blog, I feel so educated about something I never even knew existed now.

  2. P.S. - I love your corndog sense of humor, and that pomegranate blueberry juice is the shiz :D

  3. Sara---this is great news to finally find someone that you can relate to and has knowledge that might provide you some relief! Where is the doctor? I cannot wait to hear the story of how you and your mom (and/or dad) found him! ha I know there has to be a story associated with this homey and quaint physician. Please let me know when you can.

  4. Christian, I'm so glad we've continued to stay in touch since DPYO.. Who knows, maybe you'll be the next Joshua Bell with an MD haha :)

    Sue- Mom actually found him from a list of doctors who specialize in CFS in Ohio. She started contacting the different ones at the bottom, but he ended up being the best choice, and he was also the first! Funny how that works out.