Sunday, October 9, 2011

Voices from the Shadows

Not only is this complex illness misunderstood, misdiagnosed, and mistreated, it is cast aside and shoved into the darkness by research. The controversy over this proven physical disease is appalling. Some ignorant professionals treat this as psychosomatic. They lock these "lazy, crazy, depressed" patients into wards and force them into inhumane treatments. Sufferers have been kidnapped from their homes and caregivers. They have been robbed of their life.

This documentary is eye-opening, moving, and heart-breaking. I have been blessed with only a mild case of this devastating illness. So many others are completely paralyzed and bedridden. So many are unable to speak up over their pain. So many are dying from the lack of proper care, and lack of awareness.

Please take some time to watch this film. Be educated. Be informed. Be thoughtful of the families and relationships torn apart and the lives lost.

M.E. is a real, horrific disease. Still, I fight every single day. I am not the only person M.E. has placed at a disadvantage. I am fighting for the doctors who lost their jobs trying to protect the truth. I am fighting for the families who watch their loved ones change and wither away before their eyes. I am fighting for the patients who can't see the light, can't walk outside, can't be with visitors, and can't leave their beds. I am fighting for those who have been killed.

We cannot ignore those confined in their paralyzed bodies. 
We cannot turn our eyes away from those who are trapped in the dark. 
We cannot close our ears to the cries from the voices from the shadows.

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