Friday, April 29, 2011

Hello, Internet.

Well, this is my first "post" ever. I've always written stories... I enjoyed developing characters to my liking and I brought them to life on paper. Sometimes their scenarios paralleled my own, but I would make sure the scenes ended how I, the writer, wanted them. But this is so much more than fiction. It's so much more than any story. How can I define life with sentences tucked in between the covers of a dairy or on pages of the web? I'm feeling self-conscious about writing my own personal truths out on the internet. I guess I can look at this as just another journal.. although, I've often looked back at my own worn recollections of memories and grimaced at the scribbled thoughts.. I'm working on the self confidence thing. But it's hard to recognize myself these days. I've changed drastically in the past few months. I'm starting to re-define myself. Hopefully, this blog will be useful as not only an outlet, but as a way to reflect and connect with others who may be struggling with the same situations that I'm in. Writing allows me to give my never-ending, swirling thoughts some substance. Bare with me, I'm never one to write rough-drafts. I'd hate to be criticized on a mere form of expression, either. I'm learning to just go with the flow.

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